The Future of Electricity is Here.


At, we seek to promote "clean energy", to usher in the era of "distributed electricity generation". Instead of the current “centralized distribution” model - whereby electricity is generated in huge amounts, then transmitted over hundreds or thousands of miles to the end user - our business practices allow households and communities to have their electricity generated locally and thereafter stored in batteries and used on-demand.




Technology has enabled us to move to a “wireless” world in the fields of computing and telephony; with attendant benefits, increased productivity, and the unlocking of economic potential. This model is expected to yield similar results in the world of electricity.

   Products and Services


We partner with alternative energy product manufacturers around the world, to distribute the latest, safest, most cost-efficient and overall best alternative energy products. We will launch our home-based battery/inverter sale and installation services in 2018. The move to alternative energy is well underway -- and we are at the forefront of this movement. We believe that energy can and will be both clean and low-cost going forward, resulting not only in cost savings and added convenience, but also in a cleaner, healthier environment.

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