Electricity is about to become personal. Just like the personal computer and mobile phones. The old ways of centralizing the production of power are about to go the way of the mainframe computer and old switchboard-based telephones. You will no longer be tied to centralized monopolies or National Electrical Power Authorities. You will have electricity WHENEVER you want it.

We will help you achieve this reality by providing you with two things: 

  • Complete Solar Electricity Generation & Storage Devices

  • Energy/Electricity Efficiency Guidance.

FIRST, we will make available to you, the latestsafest and best solar electricity generation and storage devices, so that you can generate and store electricity from ANY source you wish (whether Solar, Wind or the Electrical Authority, etc.) and use it anytime you want.

SECOND, we will provide you with guidance on how to make your home or environment “energy efficient”, so that you can get the most out of your batteries. This will entail an on-site visit and providing recommendations on energy saving techniques and devices.

The Future

We expect that, due to it’s low cost and friendliness to the earth, renewable energy will prevail. We also expect that, as that era evolves, storage/batteries will be a key necessity. So whether you are adopting renewable energy such as: Solar, Wind, Hydro, Hydrogen Fuel Cells or even legacy systems such as coal-or diesel-based technologies, your interim step will be storing it for later use when you want it. You will no longer be reliant on centralized electrical production monopolies or National Electric Power Authorities. At that point, power will truly be in the hands of the people!